Biomass Briquettes in India

Biomass briquettes in IndiaNormally agricultural waste is either destroyed or burnt creating pollution and health problem, so it’s better to reuse it. Being a non conventional source of energy, biomass briquettes are made from heaps of waste material released from varied industries. We supply biomass briquette machine with a 100 % assurance of quality, customer satisfaction. Biomass briquettes in India relieve poverty and environmental issues.

Bio Coal Briquetting Machine

Bio Coal Briquetting Bio Coal Briquetting is produced by agro waste material released every year by varied industries. It is simple method of altering agricultural waste into high density and energy engrossed fuel briquette. Being a non conventional source of energy, bio coal briquettes are eco-friendly & renewable in nature. These briquettes are inexpensive than coal as they do not  consist any amount of sulphur and fly ash while burning.

Briquetting Machine

Briquetting MachineBriquetting Plant helps in saving environment. The demand for making briquettes by briquetting machine has been increasing rapidly due to imbalance in the economy through more usage of fossil fuels. The briquetting machine is eco-friendly as they makes Cash from waste & Best from Waste.

Briquetting Press Machine

Briquetting Press MachineThe briquetting press machine is widely used for small scale industries.  The offered press machine gives an easy solution of recycling waste powder. This machine provides best solution as compared to other fossil fuels biz oil, lignite, gas and other fuel. Our machine has become the superlative choice among clients that results in valuable product (briquettes) from the waste.

Save Environment through Briquetting, Biomass Briquetting Plant

Save EnvironmentBiomass Briquetting Plant is a medium to save environment. Briquetting Systems significantly reduces the volume of wood waste materials like hard or soft wood, MDF, plywood, or sawdust by turning them into briquettes. This briquetting plant project is an alternative to all energy industries which results in lessening of greenhouse effect.

Briquetting Process

Briquetting Plant Process Briquetting is a modest process of converting Agro waste into useful briquettes. Briquettes are formed by using raw material by a crushing machine. After crushing, the materials are than dried when the moisture content is too high for briquettes production. Now the briquettes are processed by using various types of briquetting machines such as the screw pressing machines, stamping pressing machines and hydraulic briquetting machines.

Briquetting | Briquetting Plant | Briquetting Equipment

Briquetting EquipmentBriquetting is a simple process of altering agro waste into sources of fuel and biomass briquettes. Briquettes have high specific density and bulk density compared to 60 to 180 kg/m3 of loose bio mass. The briquettes obtained have high efficiency due to low moisture and density.  Biomass briquetting plant project is the best alternative solution to stop pollution and Live Green

Briquetting Press | Agro Briquetting Press

Briquetting Press ManufacturerThe first duty of every individual is to save the environment, and this is possible by making use of briquetting press machine. This machine helps in transforming “Waste into Profit”.  Agro Briquetting Press is renewable source of energy which results in biomass energy applicable in varied industries for generating heat and steam.


Briquette Plant -Manufacturer | Briquetting Plant India

Briquette Plant ManufacturerBriquette plant is a mechanical type machine made from agricultural waste biz jute shell and other organic material. Our basic motto is make “Best out of Waste”. Our’s is a Green Project made from top quality material and the subsequent briquettes availed can be packed for sale or storage.