Biomass Briquettes in India

Biomass briquettes in IndiaNormally agricultural waste is either destroyed or burnt creating pollution and health problem, so it’s better to reuse it. Being a non conventional source of energy, biomass briquettes are made from heaps of waste material released from varied industries. We supply biomass briquette machine with a 100 % assurance of quality, customer satisfaction. Biomass briquettes in India relieve poverty and environmental issues.

Bio Coal Briquetting Machine

Bio Coal Briquetting Bio Coal Briquetting is produced by agro waste material released every year by varied industries. It is simple method of altering agricultural waste into high density and energy engrossed fuel briquette. Being a non conventional source of energy, bio coal briquettes are eco-friendly & renewable in nature. These briquettes are inexpensive than coal as they do not  consist any amount of sulphur and fly ash while burning.