Biomass Briquette Plant

Biomass Briquetting PlantBeing in touch with the market development, we offer wide range of biomass briquette plant made from premium basic material in accordance to international quality standards. Our plant is manufactured for simple conversion of waste into bio-coal and biomass briquettes. This plant is based on binder less technology and is eco-friendly in nature.

Wood Waste Briquette Machine

Wood Waste Briquette MachineWe are amidst the forerunner in manufacturing Wood Waste Briquetting Machine. This machine results in eco friendly biomass fuels with minimum operation cost. Wood waste briquette machine works on high temperature and pressure to turn raw material into solid form. Due to the low moisture content, wood briquette machine has high burning efficiency.

Briquetting Shredder Machine

Briquetting Shredder MachineOur briquetting shredder machine is used to decrease all kinds of waste material. Crusher shredder Machine is extremely suitable for devastating forestry wastage in addition to grinding biomass wastage, like sunflower waste and stalks, coconut waste, cotton stalks, tree bark, mustard stalks, groundnut shell, wood chips, wood waste, cotton shell etc. This machine comprises of blunt blades having high accuracy used to break down small pieces of waste material.  This machine has striking features like vibration-free operation, low noise and low speed.

Go Green With Briquetting Press

Go Green with Briquetting Press

With the environment in mind, we are involved in supplying ecofriendly briquetting press Machine. We provide solution for waste recycling, machining scraps and other material that requires densification. Briquetting Press Plant is best as compared to traditional fuel biz oil, lignite, gas and other fuel. Today, this plant has hit the industrial market for offering its best services.  “Think Green and Go Green”

Briquette Plant – Saves Environment

Briquette Plant Briquetting is a kind of curing process which can turn biomass materials like saw dust, barks, wood chips into solid briquettes. briquette plant is a “Go Green” project as it is absolutely eco-friendly project. This plant is totally free from smoke and pollution. Our briquettes finds its application in steam generation in boilers, heating purpose, etc.

Renewable Energy Briquetting Plant

Renewable Energy Briquetting PlantRenewable Energy is derived from natural resources biz sunlight, rain, wind and geothermal energy. In today’s era, renewable energy helps in generating electricity for tomorrow’s use. We can get Green Renewable Energy from renewable briquetting plant.

Briquetting Plant System – Protect Environment

Briquetting Plant SystemOver the years of industrial experience, we are in the field of manufacturing Briquetting Plant System. This plant simply converts industrial waste into bio coal, biomass briquette which is biodegradable and makes environment healthier for living.

Coal Briquetting Plant | Bio Coal Machine

Coal Briquetting Plant Bio Coal Briquetting is a technique to convert agro waste into high energy concentrated fuel briquettes. Being a non conventional source of energy, it works on binder less technology and is 100% natural. Bio Coal Briquetting Machine can withstand long distance transport with low maintenance cost.


Fuel Briquetting MachineThe offered Fuel Briquetting Machine is used to reprocess biomass into high calorific fuel briquettes.  Biomass Fuel Briquetting Machine is free from pollution and hence causes no harmful effect to the environment.  This machine has a unique feature to cut the briquettes into desired length and is known for sturdy construction and high performance.