Biomass Briquetting Plant- Go Green, Stay Green

Biomass Briquetting Plant IndiaBiomass Briquetting Plant, made from agricultural waste is converted into solid cylindrical shape with major components consisting of rice husk, maize stalks, bajra cobs, wheat straw, mustard waste,  leaves, groundnut shells, cashew nut shells, saw dust, coir pith, coffee husk, cotton stalk from solid fuel. This plant is a perfect substitute of Fossil Fuels, so as to save the environment.

Briquetting Plant: Plant Tree = Plant Life

Briquetting PlantThe leading industries in the nation have deeply become dependent upon fossil fuels available at high rates. As there is a shortage of these fuels,  it results in discovery of Alternative Energy production technique. With the growing demand of green energy, the need for Briquetting Plant also rises for green energy production. This is an ultimate result for environmental crisis that provides eco fuel briquette.